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Beyond the Asana - Emil Wendel   Yoga, meditation, breath and glimpses of the vastness in us, delivered passionately through yogic practices and understanding by a highly experienced teacher.

Anahata Yoga - Peter Clifford

Comprehensive and in depth yoga classes and education with Peter Clifford who offers many decades of experience in the many forms of yoga, meditation and martial arts.

His insights into the health benfits of yoga practice are astounding. Peter is the senior teacher of the ancient Five Element Form, developed to harmonize the entire being and  easily practiced by anyone, regardless of level of fitness.


Yoga Mind - Constant Integrated Awareness - Glenn Ceresoli   In depth trainings, workshops and teaching by very knowledgeable and seasoned Iyengar teacher Glenn Ceresoli. Experience freedom from the restrictions which limit the body /mind complex through the practice of Yoga using the body and mind to know one's Self.

H S Arun - Prashant Yogashraya

Iyengar yoga with one of the Indian masters of this practice. Taught with intelligence, humor and lightness. Sequencing for the discerning practitioner, benefits for everyone. A shining example of community spirit yoga.

Shakti Spirit - Rachel Hull One of the most comprehensive Yoga teacher trainings and workshops taught in magical settings around the world.

Master Your Health with Yoga

This well curated website suggests the inclusion of yoga practices for Healthcare Management. Included is a diverse list of links to articles on yoga history, context and practice.


 Yoga Retreat & Yoga Vacation - Bali Spirit

Balancing the Bali Retreat experience - Everything Yoga in Bali is here