This is what Students, Workshop Participants and Clients are saying about Chris:

Chris is a rare combination of an expert in field and an expert communicator. He presents functional anatomy in an interactive and integrative style that makes a two hour class feel like twenty minutes. If you want to become a better yoga teacher, a better yoga student or just develop a better understanding of how your body operates, Chris is the person to see. 

James, Training Manager, Radiantly Alive



You are the first A&P teacher to combine Western science with the essence of what yoga is really about that I have come across.



"Thank You" for the amazing weekend and teaching anatomy in a way I actually

get it now! Not only have you demystified the subject but you've helped me how no one else has... You've proven to me my fallen arches can be fixed and I'm practicing everyday now.  These simple but most effective techniques have changed my practice and life forever.

I feel so grateful to have been able to attend this workshop.



Thank you so much for conducting these classes for us as well as the wonderful workshop that I got to attend. You really brought a variety of ideas together seamlessly and fluidly. Really Great!!!

John Bentham
Program Manager
Y+ Yoga Center

Shanghai, China



Thanks for the session yesterday. It seems to have helped me turn the corner and today I woke up after my first pretty coughless sleep in a couple of weeks, did my first yoga workout in five weeks, walked the beach and the tickle in the throat is almost gone!  Many thanks!



Thank you very much for your contagiously enthusiastic teaching of anatomy at the Radiantly Alive yoga teacher training.

I appreciated your classes and was actually interested in learning about anatomy!



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