Movement and Fascia Videos


These short videos are teaching previews for the Anatomy Show. When sharing his passion for yoga and the moving body, Chris presents in his animated style. You will notice how this facilitates learning and gives reminders for practical applications.

Go to to learn more and see the online courses to learn about fascia based movement anatomy.


To the right of this column you can see a shortcut to a  video page for KindaYoga.

KindaYoga is a project of mine introducing kids to the practices of yoga while helping them build more stress resilient nervous systems and better breathing habits in a playful manner. Check out the videos here or click the link to the right to take a  look at the specific KindaYoga webpage




The following videos are excerpts of the KindaYoga DVDs and one clip of Kids do Yoga Too. KindaYoga is designed to help children from 3 years of age to access their sense of internal balance and stillness. Playful storytelling yoga classes hold the children's attention, while they can join other children of their age on one of the adventures with Yuga the monkey.

You can request more information on KindaYoga by clicking here.