Reni Chang
Born in Canada, Reni studied philosophy and psychology in Canada and the UK and law at Harvard.  She worked in human rights and poverty law before she started a career as a corporate lawyer in New York City.
It was during these years in New York City that Reni first encountered yoga.  The classes left a deep impression on her because they were rare moments of quiet and stillness in her otherwise stressful life in the city.  Not only did she feel rejuvenated after these classes, she began to recognize those few hours as the only times in her life where she felt relaxed and genuine.  Yoga began to lure her.  Finally, after the tragic events of 9/11, she left her corporate career.  The fragile and precious nature of each moment and the stupidity of wasting more time had become very clear.
From that day onwards, her yoga practice has been the one continuous thread through her life, leading her to travel and study in Europe, SE Asia, Africa, S America, India and China.  Along the way, many teachers of yoga, philosophy, theology and other peculiar views have influenced and inspired her.  In particular, she would like to acknowledge and express her gratitude to Roberto Unger, David Muehsam, Clive Sheridan and Yogacharya HS Arun.
As a certified and registered yoga teacher, Reni has taught in Asia and North America in a number of yoga schools.  She speaks English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).
She is passionate about her teaching, but considers her studies and practice the backbone of her life and work.  Most important, yoga reminds her to keep things simple and honest and not to take anything too seriously (including yoga!).
“Yoga teaches faith and humility while cultivating intelligence and spontaneity.”