Structural bodywork frees up tension and removes restrictions of movement, circulation and breath.

Chris is an Australian trained naturopath, holding a degree in complimentary medicine, who specializes in soft tissue alignment.
His treatment techniques are a synthesis of a broad range of bodywork modalities, which he has studied and practiced for over fifteen years.
As an international teacher of movement anatomy for yoga since 2000, Chris has gained valuable experience in treating a wide variety of conditions and people from all over the world.


Structural Body Work and Yoga


Correct alignment in yoga creates health benefits from practicing the postures. The complex arrangement of muscles, bones, joints and various soft tissues of the body sets the possibilities and limitations for enjoying yoga practice. Our body posture, habits and stress, as well as previous injuries, internal restrictions and imbalances are part of our life.

In a Structural Bodywork treatment, Chris will instructively assess posture and discomfort. This is followed by freeing up (mobilizing) tight areas and reposition muscles and soft tissues into better alignment in order to release restrictions.

This form of treatment can be beneficial for sports (and yoga) injury management, shoulder and neck discomfort, knee and ankle problems, lower back pain, also to generally freeing up areas of the body for improved living and asana practice.

As part of the treatment, movement and posture improvements can be discussed.

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